EMDR Experiences

A collection of EMDR experiences to explain how impactful this technique for releasing significant negative experiences can be. If you would like to add your experience to the blog please simply send a message, thank you.

What is E.M.D.R.?
Eye, Movement, Desensitization, & Reprocessing
EMDR is a safe, client-centered, well-researched, therapeutic technique that directly addresses extreme negative memories or trauma one has experienced. EMDR uses existing brain networks to stimulate the adaptive processing of negative experiences by bilateral movement of one’s eyes or tapping shoulders or legs. EMDR treatment is client directed and is not talk therapy, meaning one does not have to disclose the details of past negative experiences to gain the benefits of this technique. One only needs to remember and tolerate the memories for the treatment to be effective. 

EMDR has successfully helped people with:

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Abuse – physical, sexual, neglect, verbal
• Phobias – fear of heights, insects, animals, sharks, etc.
• Nightmares/flashbacks
• Deep triggers of fight/flight/freeze reactions
• Phantom limb pain
• Oppression – homophobia, sexism, racism, classism

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Meditation Group

Join a group of new meditators on a journey to the no-mind state, Samadhi. The group, informed predominantly by the Vedic Tradition of non-duality, is guided by chanting, somatic & energy awareness, and metal & crystal singing bowls.

This is a free (donations welcome), friendly, and informal group. The only criteria is we respect others opinions and beliefs.



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EMDR & Panic Attacks

My experience with anxiety has been long and debilitating. About 25-years ago I was tested for allergies after a strange, strong reaction to a rare food (jicama) left me puzzled. Seeking professional treatment, I underwent a skin test with an allergist. The results were shocking; I was anaphylactic (deathly allergic to bee venom). The process resulted in me watching a frightful instruction video alone for 45 minutes.

I was traumatized, how did I not know I was deathly allergic to bee stings? Why didn’t my parents know this? Hadn’t I been stung before? All these questions were answered, however, not convincingly. Apparently, I had been mildly allergic until an incident around the age of 14 when a swarm of bees stung me. This was the moment my body when into shock and became anaphylactic.

Sadly, the rest of the food items I was even somewhat positive to was immediately added to the “I’ll-die-if-I-eat” list in my mind, which simply wasn’t true – common items such as carrots, parsley, onions, and potatoes. It didn’t matter how logical the food allergy information was my limbic brain sequestered this experience and festered into what became a restrictive eating disorder. Once I realized my irrational state I secured a mental health therapist to help me with my panic attacks.

Almost 25-years later I encountered EMDR. I had successfully reshaped my eating habits yet still felt anxious around unknown foods, such as a sensation of my throat tightening and even some light headedness. The EMDR went directly to the memory and I was surprised how powerful it still was…the fear in my limbic brain was alive and well. Not only did I flush out the intense panic but the astute clinician reprocessed my irrational belief from – I was going to die – to – food will not kill me. The remarkable moment of truth came days after the EMDR session when I was presented with an unknown food; I stayed calm, my throat did not tighten, and a new thought came to me, food will not kill me and I ate with confidence.  I’m still amazed by the powerful results, I truly feel free to eat whatever I want!