EMDR Experiences

A collection of EMDR experiences to explain how impactful this technique for releasing significant negative experiences can be. If you would like to add your experience to the blog please simply send a message, thank you.

What is E.M.D.R.?
Eye, Movement, Desensitization, & Reprocessing
EMDR is a safe, client-centered, well-researched, therapeutic technique that directly addresses extreme negative memories or trauma one has experienced. EMDR uses existing brain networks to stimulate the adaptive processing of negative experiences by bilateral movement of one’s eyes or tapping shoulders or legs. EMDR treatment is client directed and is not talk therapy, meaning one does not have to disclose the details of past negative experiences to gain the benefits of this technique. One only needs to remember and tolerate the memories for the treatment to be effective. 

EMDR has successfully helped people with:

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Abuse – physical, sexual, neglect, verbal
• Phobias – fear of heights, insects, animals, sharks, etc.
• Nightmares/flashbacks
• Deep triggers of fight/flight/freeze reactions
• Phantom limb pain
• Oppression – homophobia, sexism, racism, classism

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