An affordable 12-month program* to assist gay men transition the deeply hidden shame and guilt created by cultural oppression and find the true self within.

Benefits include:

• Improved Mood
• Fulfilling Relationships
• Self-Confidence
• Clarity of Mind
• Successful Goal Completion

There are 3 program phases:

  1. Basecamp – together we establish a firm foundation for vertical  ascension by building awareness of our egos and skills sets, such as support, communication, organization, and goal setting. This flexible open group will meet weekly for a minimum of 3 months or longer depending on your adjustment to the altitude.
  1. Destination – one begins an inner journey of awareness to their socially constructed “self” in a supportive community of peers. Here the false self will be challenged greatly and provided the opportunity to release and realign with truth. Just like the ascent to the tall peak it can be very dangerous and scary. This closed group will meet for 26 weeks.
  1. Afterlife – together we reintegrate our new selves to the world. Much focus will be on collaboration of small community projects to integrate into a new society, one created by authenticity. The closed group will meet once a month for three months or as is needed.

*Each phase of the journey requires successful completion of goals to progress to the next offering. Phase I & III can be longer if desired.

Trail Guide – there will be 4-quarterly, individual sessions. These provide another opportunity for growth.

Let’s start the journey today. Travel plans are being made for an April departure. Space is limited so reserve your spot on the trip now!

Download the Authentic Life brochure