New Class: Vedic Chanting & Meditation


This education series teaches the Sanskrt pronunciation and meanings of the meditations and chants. There are endless varieties of chants that are rhythmical and alluring that when done they create a resonance and have an uplifting impact on the chanter.

Starting: Friday, Feb 16th at 7:00PM
Cost: Free
Location: 222 Commercial Blvd, Ste#200,
                   Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308

Ancient Knowledge

Janani ClearlyJanani Cleary – Vedanta* Teacher – will provide an overview to The Bhagavad Gita, a meaningful and very relevant text, in a light but profound manner that presents a clear picture of why this 5,000+ year old Gita story and its teachings are as fresh and applicable today as they were at the time of their origin.

*Advaita Vedanta is a non-sectarian, spiritually-based knowledge.  Like all forms of knowledge, it has no cultural, geographical or spiritual borders.

51P++pfOatL._SY346_SHORT SYNOPSIS: This is a text that just about everyone in eastern studies has heard of if not read it.  Told in a narrative format, it relates the challenges of a warrior prince, Arjuna, who has, through no fault or intent of his own, been forced to fight in a fratricidal war engaging in combat with people near and dear to him – including the teacher who taught him how to fight!  He is overcome with grief at this prospect and wants to walk away.  Krsna reminds him that as a prince, it is his job to protect powerless citizens from the unrighteous rulers now in power and thus he must fight. At wit’s end, Arjuna begs Krsna to teach and help him understand how to proceed for the sake of others while rising above it even as he must engage in it.

Class Schedules


FORMAT:  As a consecutive series in which the topic each week sets the stage for the next week, participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions in order to gain the full benefit.

FEES:  A nominal fee of $150.00 will be charged for the entire series.  This fee would be paid in advance at the time of signing up for the program. Otherwise the charge will be $40.00 per session.

To reserve your spot in the class
go to the Contact and complete for the Gita Class.