Authentic Life is a 12-month transpersonal program that assists gay men in living a genuine life by deeply transcending learned egoic patterns of shame and oppression. More ->

Dr. Sundberg was trained by San Francisco’s groundbreaking GLBT agency, New Leaf in 2001-2005.  The program’s success often resulted in small “families” of men that had been together for many years after completing the program, some after 18 years.  The mission is to overcome oppression and create long-lasting, fulfilling relationships. If you are interested in beginning the men’s program please contact us.

Samadhi is an ongoing meditation group consisting of 4 methods of accessing and maintaining a connection to the coveted no-mind state.

Dr. Sundberg has been meditating for 25-years in many different modalities, such as breath work, chakra alignment, Joppa, chanting, sing bowls, creative visualization, and others.  He spent 5-months on a meditation sabbatical in Sedona, Arizona, and daily learned spiritual and energetic techniques, such as clairvoyance – seeing aura energy.