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Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is present focused on goals, think a more micro view. Therapy looks at root causes for current issues/challenges and sets goals, think a more macro view. Both modalities are effective in helping people reach their goals.

*Three month contract, then month-to-month

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Therapy Services

Transpersonal services are comprehensive methods for shifting one’s awareness from the ego–identified–mind to the authentic Self, another state of being, and maintaining that precious connection.  A spiritual life path.  A Transpersonalist is a professionally educated and trained practitioner of Transpersonal theories and methods.

Examples of Transpersonal methods include meditation, mindfulness, past-life regression, rebirth, chanting, journey quests, sweat lodges, spiritual emergence, energy work, somatics, Holotropic breath work, etc.

We begin by setting up an introductory meeting.  A Transpersonal assessment will be completed to inform your customized journey.  You can choose from the following modalities:

Individual – one-on-one guidance
EMDR – Eye–Movement, Desensitization, & Reprocessing more->
Past-life Regression – revealing karmic patterns
Groups – small group interactions, such as meditation, support, and process
Romantic Unions – working on intimacy
Classes, Workshops & Retreats – didactic, experiential, and deep process

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