Dr. Sundberg changed my life, I can’t even begin to express the compassion and tools this man used to teach me how to live life. Forever grateful. His knowledge and skills brought me out of a a very dark place, I am living life now that I only used to dream of.

S. B. 2017


Dr. Sundberg was outstanding! He brought to the surface many things I had permanently buried from bad experiences as a young child. I learned more about myself than I had ever imagined. He showed patience, perseverance and was committed to helping me out from our first meeting. I would highly recommend his services.

B. W. 2017


You are a great healer and will become even better.  I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that you were able to give me in the short time that I had and the honor to cross paths with you.  I look forward to reading some of your papers and findings once you are officially published as a PhD, though to be honest, I would read your writings regardless.

D. E. 2013