Essentially, transpersonal means shifting beyond the egoic–identified–mind to a new perspective of self and world.

Transpersonal Examples

Near-Death Experiences

A near-death experience, or NDE,  is a profound psychological event with transcendental and mystical elements, that may occur to a person close to death or in situations of physical or emotional crisis. By itself, an NDE is an unusual event but is not an indication of a mental health problem. Across thousands of years and in cultures around the world, NDEs follow a broad general pattern with common features  (ICANS, 2017).

Altered States of Consciousness

An altered state is any mental state(s), induced by various physiological, psychological, or pharmacological maneuvers or agents, which can be recognized subjectively by the individual himself (or by an objective observer of the individual) as representing a sufficient deviation in subjective experience of psychological functioning from certain general norms for that individual during alert, waking consciousness (Garcia-Romeu & Tart, 2013, p. 129).

Spiritual Emergence/Emergencies

A spiritual emergency is a non-organic (biological) altered state of consciousness, which, if well managed and integrated, could propel positive personal growth (Grof & Grof, 1989, p. 13-14).  There are 10 identified sub-categories:

1.  Shamanic crisis
2.  Kundalini Awakening
3.  Peak experiences
4.  Psychological renewal through return to the center
5.  Psychic opening
6.  Past-Life experiences
7.  Communication with spirit guides and “channeling”
8.  Near-death experiences (NDE)
9.  Close encounters with UFOs
10. Possession states

Extreme Occurrences of Falling in Love

Limerence is an involuntary, inescapable, joyous, overwhelming, obsessive state of mind caused by romantic and sexual attraction to another person involving validation of feelings from that person. Limerence, described as powerful romantic love inspiration, was believed to have motivated writers throughout history. One of the predominant factors of limerence is intrusive and obsessive thinking about the beloved (Tennov, 1979).

Amigeist is an astonishing, rapid experience of soul-mate, dynamic bonding.  Amigeist includes very intense emotions and sensations often with an altered state of consciousness and a high probability of long-term relationships and self-growth (Sundberg, 2015).


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